Israel Affairs



My name is Shira de Jong, and I am so thrilled to be the 2018-19 REB Israel
Affairs Vice President!

Besides being in USY, my life pretty much entails working and having fun with my friends and I also really love to travel to new places and step out of my comfort zone by trying new things.

I didn’t start out super into USY. I mainly went for to see my friends during conventions, and wouldn’t get involved throughout the rest of the year.

After being encouraged to apply for RGB, I became way more into USY, and became excited to go to chapter events and weekends.

On the RGB, I was the Israel Affairs Media Chair. I wanted to be under the Israel Affairs
REB because, being Israeli, I have always been in love with the country and wanted
to help bring its beauty to the rest of USY.

After being on the RGB for the past year and getting more and more involved with Pinwheel, I am so excited to have the opportunity to be the Israel Affairs VP and continue to spread and educate my
fellow Pinwheelers on Israel and everything it has to offer.

If you have any questions or ideas you want to share with me, feel free to email me at: or follow me on instagram: @shiradejong