Oh hey what is UP my dudes??!!

If you did not know (little hurt but iss whateva) my name is Danna Miller and I am the 2018/2019 Communications VP on the REB of Pinwheel USY!! I am so #blessed and #pumped to be a part of this amazing region and connected to the rest of the USY COMMunity. The first USY convention I went to was flippin terrifying! During this Fall Kinnus, I felt so weird and people kept bursting out into song during meals. I quickly learned that USY kids get INTO their traditions and once I started to catch on to the songs, I realized how totally tubular it actually was. I am happy to report that I have enjoyed all conventions I have attended thus far and hope to bring the same joy to new pinwheelers!!


I am now going to be self absorbed and tell you some stuff I am obsessed with AND (ooh bonus) 1 fun fact!

  • I am OBSESSED with Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi (if you see me anywhere w/o one in hand, be concerned.)
  • I am also OBSESSED with Eminem (I can quote practically every song) (its a talent and I aint soz bout it)
  • Lastly, I am OBSESSED with puns (I always have a list of them handy so feel free to ask me to tell you one…. ngl they’re PINcredible)
  • Okay fun fact… I am both American AND Canadian!!! so basically I am better than most people (don’t @ me I’m just spittin facts)

Now that yOu know so much about mE, I want to know more about yOu! So if you need to call me beep me when you wanna reach me, shoot me an email at:

I always respond ASAP Rocky!!!! (If I don’t then you can @ me…. @dannamilller on the gram OR @dannafey on snap)

Anyways thank you for reading; catch ya on the flip side!