Well shalom there kiddos! It’s me, ABBYeatsberries, your 2017-18 Communications VP, feeling blessed and excited to be a part of this PINcredible region’s executive board! After all, pinwheel is the most quirky and cute region of them all (#srynotsry). I’ve loved pinwheel pretty much since my first Kadima Kinnus in 2013, but after 2 years of chapter board (portland rishnim reppin), a year on RGB, and being Fall Kinnus 2016 Co-Chair, my love for USY has only grown.


Okay so I should probably, maybe, definitely tell you what I like to do but instead I’m going to make a list of a few of my favorite things because it’s more fun for me (lol sorry). So here it goes..

  1. My Savta’s fashion sense
  2. Missing school for USY conventions
  3. Alphabetizing lists about myself
  4. My dog when he stretches in the morning
  5. Binge watching every show no matter what genre so I seem #wellrounded
  6. Researching fun new ways to use my microwave
  7. ALL pinwheel social media accounts @pinwheelusy


So now that you know I super cool, you’re probably thinking “aye gurl can i get yo email” or maybe you are just still wanting me to send you some cute pics of my fashionable grandma. Either way, the answer is “It would be my pleasure to bestow upon you my sacred email address”!  So obviously (if you are COMMfortable), you should shoot me an email at


Anyway thanks for the chat my dudez,

It’s been real,